Sacred Enquiry

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Transformation cards

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Size and weight: 15,2 cm x 9 cm x 4,5 cm / 0,3 kg

This set contains : 78 cards with questions, our suggestions how to use this deck, solid box

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What do you receive?

Sacred Enquiry is not only a deck of cards designed with great attention to detail, but primarily a tool that will transform your every-day reality. These cards will introduce new qualities into your life. They will inspire unique conversations taking your relationships to a different level, they will allow you to get to know your partner better and will create a subtle encouragement to ask the most unusual questions. They will also teach you how to build a space filled with mutual acceptance and understanding. We have verified that numerous times, both ourselves and with our friends. If you want to learn more click here.

This set contains:

  • 78 cards with questions, screen printed on black paper of a basis weight of 320g/m2
  •  suggestions of possible uses and a set of guidelines
  • a solid brick box, with the dimensions 15,2 x 9 x 4,5cm (the weight of the set is 0,33kg)

What makes these cards unique?

This product is of the highest quality, created with great attention to detail. Each card is made of thick black mass dyed paper of a basis of 320g/m2. The gold overprint done in silkscreen is resistant to wearing off. The edges are coated with gold. The cards are thick and durable. The whole set is packed in a solid brick box. They are perfect to use during workshops or as a tool during therapeutic sessions. Anyone who appreciates high quality products will enjoy using them. Sacred Enquiry is an excellent gift idea.

What is the delivery time?

Shipping to Poland will take approximately 2-3 working days. For every country it’s different shipping time, but it shouldn’t take longer than 9 days. If you would like the package to reach you sooner please contact us or pick up your package personally and visit us in Warsaw PL.

How to take care of these cards?

This product should remain in a dry place. The cards are not laminated, therefore they may react to changing weather conditions and humidity levels in the air. Don’t allow them to get into contact with water.

User testimonials:


I was searching for answers, yet questions are what I found. Sacred Enquiry is an extraordinary tool to greater self-awareness, getting to know another person and deepening our knowledge of the world. The longer I have been working with these cards, the more I let go of the need for an answer. In letting go, I create space and out of that space comes the answer. Recurring questions allow me to see how I am changing. They show me what is true for me NOW.

Michalina Sobków, W Gruncie Ruchu (movement group)


It was so surprising to me that an innocent piece of paper would become a ticket to an adventure within the depths of myself…I am grateful for Sacred Enquiry, because these are questions that are worth asking yourself within your lifetime.

Mateusz Jasiński, acupuncture doctor, author “Żyj Bardziej”


In these questions there is the potential for  breaking the everyday routine – the trance – an opportunity for a pause and time for ourselves. It is possible that these are the most important questions that we have been waiting for in our lives. (…) I saw this project grow. I saw the artists Natalia and Radek refine the purity of both the graphic design and the content. Their medicine is like a key, it opens us up.

Anna Sierpowska, Movement Medicine teacher, Lowen therapist


Sacred Enquiry appeared in my life at an ideal moment. As if I asked „What do I need to look deeper within myself?” and received an answer in the form of these cards. Ever since they have been with me, I reach for them both deliberately, with an intention in mind and by accident. No matter the circumstances I am surprised every time by how much they resonate with what is happening in my life at the moment. This is a magnificent tool to self enquiry and a spark for change. I highly recommend it to anyone on the path to self awareness.

Paweł Przybylski


I recommend these cards both as a gift for yourself and as a present for a friend. They accompany me to all meetings with close friends and family. They open us up to deeper relationships with both ourselves and the ones around us. They allow us to have insights and honest conversations with one another like never before. These cards broaden our awareness, they bring about courage to speak about what’s truly important, things we oftentimes forget in our day to day lives. Listening to the answers of others may surprise you or it may inspire you to take on a new perspective. These cards were created by wonderful people: Natalia and Radek. I admire the quality and finishing: each illustration was designed by Radek himself according to Sacred Geometry + the colors gold and black, that resonate with me and summon Egypt and ancient timeless wisdom. Take them and spend time with each other. Dive deep, be present and remain open towards one another, towards your diversity and many dimensions.

Agnieszka Yonilove

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