What is our intention?

There is a deep intention hidden in the DNA of these cards. We hope they will help you open doors that have been sealed thus far; that they will allow you to find new answers to questions in your life. We have spent two years creating these cards, constantly improving and transforming them, finally allowing them to grow into their  present form.

While creating them we paid great attention to detail. Each card has been carefully designed with the intention of its question in mind. A particular geometric symbol that appears on a card corresponds with the specific question from the deck, one that may speak to us in ways understandable to our inner profound self.

Our intention is to inspire, encourage personal growth and awaken the type of curiosity known to children, who habitually ask questions. Furthermore, our hope is to build relationships based on honesty, openness and being mindful of one another. Let this instrument serve you in your inner exploration. And please bear in mind: your imagination is the only limit.

The journey is about to begin.


What do the symbols on the cards mean?

Each of the 78 cards has its own unique symbol that was designed to represent an intention of a particular question. Each symbol is a unique illustration, a visual expression of the question. Each illustration is based on Sacred Geometry.

The roots of sacred geometry go all the way back to ancient times. For centuries it has been the bridge between spiritual and material, seen and unseen, finite and infinite. Our bodies, nature surrounding us, animals, planets and galaxies are composed of continually repeating geometric patterns. Each pattern begins with a circle and from there on it evolves into more complex shapes. If we are observant we will notice that some of those shapes associated with sacred geometry surround us in our everyday life: the composition of a beehive, a lily flower, a snowflake, a seashell, the structure of laser waves or the movement of planets around their orbits.

The idea to incorporate elements of sacred geometry in our cards came to us during a walk in the park, while contemplating the world around us. We felt those illustrations will serve as the best depiction of the questions without distracting the observer.


What are the rules?

1. There are no wrong answers and everyone may interpret the questions or respond to them in their own way. Furthermore, the same question may sound completely different another time.

2. Each day brings new answers. Even when you think you already know all the questions by heart, give yourself a chance to update the image you have of yourself. Check with yourself and ask if you continue to think in the same way or something has changed since your last answer.

3. The only person who can speak is the one holding the card. Listen to that person with care, empathy and give them your full attention.

4. Meetings should remain confidential. Whatever you say in a session should stay there and should not leave the room. Following this rule ensures that everyone can feel safe.

5. Always speak for yourself, about your own experience and feelings. Don’t relate to other people’s answers directly, if you are not asked. Don’t give advice and don’t judge. Each voice is equal and of the same importance.

6. Sometimes silence is the right answer.


How do you play?

There is no one right way. You can use these cards for example during your daily meditation, each day drawing one question from the deck. You can also choose to use them with your partner, your friend, your close ones, in order to deepen your relationship and get to know one another better. You can use these cards in an intuitive manner, in group circles, during meetings as well as during group therapy sessions. There are 78 questions, although they never end because each day brings us new answers.


Find a serene spot, in which you won’t be disrupted. One, in which you feel good. Choose a moment when you’re not in a hurry or under time pressure. Sit down in a comfortable position, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in your body. Feel what it is like to be still in your body, quiet in your mind and silent inside. The aim is not to relax as if you were to fall asleep. Try to be aware and focused, observe your mind slowing down. Such a state makes it possible to find the deepest answers from within. Start when you are ready.

Shuffle the cards and lay them out with the questions face down. Then choose a card that speaks to you, it’s topic will accompany you throughout the day. Listen to the voice of your intuition telling you what lesson comes from the drawn question. It will help you embark on the journey for the answer. Yet, if for some reason you feel you don’t want to answer the question, replace it with another from the deck. It is good to take a closer look and ask yourself why that question raises such emotions, that you don’t want to confront it now. Remember questions do not come to us without reason, there are no wrong answers. Sometimes a question met only with silence can lead us onto a journey to discover the unknown.


In a group or a pair

Book some time together and choose a place where you feel comfortable. A place where you can sit down and all see each other well. If you’re in a bigger group it’s best to sit around a big table or in a circle on the floor. If you’re in a pair, sit across from each other.

The person leading the game may ask the group what their intention for the round is. If there is such a desire within the group, one by one everyone can share where they are at right now and what their guiding thought for the round is. After this introduction the person leading the session shuffles the cards and places them face down on the floor or table. You can scramble the cards or arrange them in a circle or semicircle.

The leader is the first to choose a card from the deck. They can read the question out loud immediately or give themselves a moment. The silence after the question is read, makes a good moment for the rest of the group to reflect. So there is no need to hurry with your response. When the person who drew the card is ready, they can share with the rest of the group what came to them in response to their question. When they feel they’ve said everything that was important for them in this moment, they place the card aside. There are times when silence is the best answer. Sometimes the answer from within comes to us a bit later, maybe when listening to someone else. At the end of the round the person, who previously chose silence may share what has come to them in the meantime. The questions drawn in the following rounds may relate to those from the previous ones creating an interesting path for our thoughts. It’s worth taking a closer look.

After putting away their card, the person who has just finished makes space for the next person to draw a card. You may decide that a round will mean each person has their own question or you will all answer one question. That means each of you responds to the same one. Each following round brings you into a deeper level of mindfulness.

You decide what the course of the session will look like, as well as when it’s best to finish. At the end of the meeting it’s a good idea to share your thoughts and how you feel in order to bring the whole process to a close.


What is the story behind Sacred Enquiry?

We are friends, partners, a photographer and an illustrator fascinated with spirituality and living life to the fullest. During our trip to New York in 2018, we discovered a bookshop in Chelsea Market. It was full of beautiful designer books, comic strips and albums. We wandered through the shop inspired. That was when our desire to create these cards was born. For the next two years we collected questions we found important and created the illustrations that would accompany them.

Sacred Enquiry is an extension of how we perceive the world that surrounds us. We like to ask a lot of questions, to question reality. to express ourselves nonverbally and put our ideas on paper. The idea to create these cards arose from the desire to communicate in an honest and courageous manner, to develop close relationships and a longing for meaningful, open and sincere conversations. We both believe that it is important to constantly renew the perception we have of ourselves and revise our path in life.

If you have any questions, you would like to share your thoughts with us or find out more, send us a message.

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